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Arlington ISD has more than 62,500 students enrolled. The AISD is the ninth largest school district in Texas. Twenty percent of the student body is enrolled in the gifted and talented program. Twenty-one percent of the student body is enrolled in the career and technical education program. There are 16 schools that require uniforms, fourteen elementary schools and two junior highs. 
Buy kids school uniforms for Summit International Preparatory at Kid to Kid Uniforms The mission of Summit International Preparatory is to empower students to achieve college matriculation, responsible citizenship and world readiness. Our Vision- We will achieve this mission by nurturing strong relationships between teachers, students and parents while maintaining the highest expectations.  To provide a curriculum with the highest academics that will truly prepare students for college. Meet all students’ needs by evaluating, reflecting and implementing customized instruction. Foster a professional learning environment where teachers and students are given time and tools to reflect and achieve academic and professional growth. Implement an extended school day, mandatory summer session and select Saturdays. Measure the quality of instruction and implementing the best practice to ensure all students exceed state and national standards.

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Newman International Academy

Newman International Academy is dedicated to raising a generation/generations of well-rounded individuals who will realize their worth and purpose, find their interest and gifting, develop their skills, reach their highest potential, and meet the demands of this nation and world by receiving personalized educational experiences in a disciplined, nurturing and character-building environment facilitated through partnership between faculty, students, parents and community.

Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute

The Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute (GPCI) is a district charter school that provides only advanced, rigorous courses that prepare our scholars for the exciting and demanding fields within Engineering and Medical Science pathways. The scholars who are accepted to GPCI have the advantage of small class sizes, school issued personal technology devices and a contemporary learning environment which blends virtual learning with traditional classroom leadership all while being exposed to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) courses and earning significant college credits. GPCI takes a personal approach in creating tailor made college/career plans utilizing strong partnerships between scholars, parents, colleges and industry leaders.

Saintsville Academy and Saintsville Preparatory Schools

Saintsville Preparatory School was founded in August 2000. It was founded under the leadership of Tiffany Pace-Whitaker. As a protégé of Marva Collins Preparatory School in Chicago, Mrs. Whitaker believed there was a strong need for academia of this same caliber in her hometown of Fort Worth. Guided by the Holy Spirit, she decided to bring forth this dynamic new way of teaching to this city, spreading the word that “EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN AND BECOME SUCCESSFUL!”

ACADEMY 18 months - 4 years old
The Academy is a unique, early childhood program for children 18 months to 4 years old.  We also provide an After School Program with daily van service.  Our curriculum is heavily phonics based and is thoroughly taught.  We believe that reading readiness begins during the toddler stage and should be emphasized daily.  We also teach math readiness, poetry, vocabulary, science, and have chapel every morning.


About the School

Immaculate Conception Church, originally named St. Cecilia's, began in February 1916 with mass in a parishioner's home. The school was opened in September 1952 as a four grade school, staffed by four teachers furnished by the sisters of St. Benedict, of Covington, Louisiana. ICS serves an average of one hundred and fifty students, grades PK-8. Through the years our faculty has been honored with educators from five different countries and four religious orders. Immaculate Conception history has built a firm foundation for our future.

About the School

St. Rita Catholic School is an accredited educational ministry of St. Rita Catholic Parish, serving 190 students from east Fort Worth and surrounding communities.  St. Rita provides a quality education from preschool (age 3+) through 8th grade in a nurturing and diverse environment.  Our average class size is ~18 students of multicultural backgrounds including Vietnamese, African-American, Hispanic, Burmese, and Caucasian.  A dedicated faculty and staff with a combined 230+ years of experience encourage students to reach their full potential academically, spiritually, physically and socially so they may become successful high school students, contributing citizens, and leaders in our global society.

St. Rita Catholic School is part of the Catholic School System in the Diocese of Fort Worth and holds membership in the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA).

We are not a typical Dallas pre-school!


Established in 2000, Holy Trinity Academy is an Orthodox Christian school that nurtures excellence in academics, integrity of character, faith in God, and the confidence in oneself to bring these gifts together.

Rolling Hills Christian Academy

Children’s University Purpose Statement:

The purpose of Children’s University is to provide a well rounded, diverse and challenging education that will ensure the love of learning and future success for our students. Student collaborative work will focus on accomplishing the intellectual growth that is crucial to participating and transforming of our diverse world. The blueprint for our programs fosters the growth of each child to reach their highest potential. With changes that occur at a seemingly more rapid pace, Children’s University will continue to evaluate and update every component of our exemplary curriculum. We are confident that our undertaking is concise, powerful and broad enough to allow for programs to advance without jeopardizing the integrity of our mission and beliefs.